Beat The Dice

In this dice game each player gets to play 3 different games where you have to bet against the Dealer. In the first game you and the dealer both have to roll two ordinary dice but before rolling the dice you place your bet and the player with higher total wins the round. You could play single round or best of 3 or best of 5 or best of 7 rounds game in beat the dice. The Second game is called 7 up 7 down where you have to place a bet on either 7 up ( when you think the total will be more than 7) 7down ( when you think the total will be less then 7) 7 equals when you think the total will be equal to 7. if you win in 7 up or 7 down you get double of what you have placed bet if you put on 7 equals you win back 3 times.Third game is Race to 100 where you keep rolling pair of dice till you reach total of 100. Person reaching total of 100 first will win the round.

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